Time Warner Cable Road Runner

High speed internet was an amazing thing to see in 1995 when Time Warner Cable’s Road Runner service debuted to the public. At that time, the internet was a slow affair for many people who had to struggle through using the new invention with modems that downloaded at 14.4 kilobits per second. Nowadays, thanks to Time Warner Cable Road Runner’s service, people can now download at 15 megabits per second, or 15,000 kilobits per second.

When Did It Come About?

The service, as has been mentioned, came about in 1995 when Time Warner Cable introduced the service to the public. However, at the time it was not known as Time Warner Cable Road Runner, but Southern Tier On-line Community, and then LineRunner, before the name was eventually changed and the character of the Road Runner was officially adopted as a mascot.

What is Offered?

The Time Warner Cable Road Runner service offers high speed internet to anyone with a cable line running to their home. Through the service, they can experience speeds as high as 15 megabits per second in download and one megabit per second in upload, which is a truly fast service. To put it in perspective, to download a 10 megabyte file at 10 megabits per second, it will take 48 seconds. However, to do the same on an old 14.4 kilobits per second modem, it will take nine hours, 15 minutes and 33 seconds. That is a big difference in speed and time. It is no wonder that the age of music download came only a few years after Time Warner introduced its Road Runner service to the public.


The Time Warner Cable Road Runner service is something that was revolutionary in 1995 and changed the way the internet was used for millions of people. Currently, with over seven million users, Road Runner is an incredibly popular way to surf the internet. Users can now download quickly, with little packet lost and enjoy some of the best high speed internet service in the country.

Sadly, it is only the United States that can benefit from the Time Warner Cable Road Runner service, as it was once offered in Newfoundland but is no longer offered there anymore.

If you are looking for a high speed internet service that is quick, easy to use and something that will make your internet experience a joy, then visit the Time Warner Cable Road Runner website today and find out how you can jump into the internet revolution.