ASD Cash Generator | Ad Surf Daily Reports Record Earnings And Pays Cash Rebates

The BKS Mindset Marketing team announce the rapidly growing membership through ongoing Rallies and Conventions. Membership for ASD Cash Generator( has skyrocketed due to the exponential growth seen at current rallies. The three-day convention in June had about 2,000 attendees and the July rally in Miami had double the attendees with about 5,000 people in attendance.

“They had to shut down the freeway because parking was full and backed up on the exit,” said one of the ASD Cash Generator( Miami attendees.

Normally at most companies conventions or rallies are every few months or more, but ASD Cash Generator has been holding these rallies about once a month, twice in July, one in Miami and one in Chicago. “It’s like nothing I have ever seen in a company before,” said ASD Cash Member, Kelly Smith who attended the Tampa Convention. “Although they didn’t expect so many people to be here, it was first class all the way, with motivational speakers, an evening dinner and desserts, training and camaraderie to top it all off,” said Smith.

ASD Cash Generator( has seen it’s fair shares of ups and downs since the beginning of the company in 2006 but with a professional businessman at the helm like Andy Bowdoin, ASD Cash Generator( and the people who have stuck with the program are able to sustain a full time income today.

Ad Surf Daily President, Andy Bowdoin, was invited to Washington,D.C., in June, by United States President George Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney to receive the Medal of Distinction, at the White House. In 2006, Andy again saw a new opportunity through the Internet – the need for a new way to deliver advertising to the masses and Ad Surf Daily was born. He quickly assembled a team of 100+ associates who have joined with him to create what will become the largest Internet Advertising Company in history.

Today there are over 120,000 members between the English and Spanish sites of this rapidly growing company.